At Tangent Line, we believe that technology can be used to build a better world.

Providing capital and business partners for breakthrough industrial technology startups. Acting with a long-term horizon in joint working structures. We back startups who have global ambitions and unique defensible technologies (from the seed to the expansion stage)

We grow with our investments

We know that the right foundations and stability translate into success. Also for the success of companies that deal with new technologies and try to introduce them to the market. We want to build the future on clear, transparent rules and stability.

Tangent Line’s mission is to grow, together with its partners, at a fast pace, which gives freedom and opens up new opportunities. Freedom of action is very important


Our history

Managing partners founded Tangent Line based on their extensive investment and management experience.

Who we are

Over 30 investments in promising startups in the last 7 years.

Tangent Line goal is to provide capital and business contacts to highly promising, break-through and forward-looking companies.

Our Team

Analysis & idea

Tangent Line analyzes your ideas and implementation within your startup organization.

Investment Focus

The investment area of the Tangent Line Fund is industry 4.0, as well as life sciences (including biotechnology, food and agriculture technologies), technical and environmental sciences, material technologies and information technologies.

Cooperation & Development

Once you are part of our family, we help you grow and develop your ideas into more robust and large scale to reach global markets.

Tangent Line


Investing together > successful together.

As a lead investor, we provide you with expert support for your investment. As a co-investor of Tangent Line , you benefit from the strength and experience of an established venture capital investor.

Come aboard, help startups and high-growth companies to take off and secure attractive earnings opportunities for yourself.


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Why coinevest with us: We’re building an innovation platform to help industry leaders break through the beaten business patterns – connecting them with breakthrough technologies and emerging players who can unlock new opportunities for them. We work with corporations and startups from various sectors and industries, creating an ecosystem of solutions that match the needs of corporations to startups that correspond to their strategic goals, and we support talented entrepreneurs in their devel

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