We are the contact point for startups and investors

We are the spot where growth meets values. We always act as a co-investor with private investors – the investor network is of paramount importance to Tangent Line .

Providing capital and business partners for breakthrough industrial technology startups. Acting with a long-term horizon in joint working structures. We back startups who have global ambitions and unique defensible technologies (from the seed to the expansion stage)

We grow with our investments

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Meet our team

Tangent Line

TL’s team members have many years of experience in investments and management. Some team members successfully run their own businesses – better understanding of our portfolio companies’ needs

Tangent Line

A team with experience in finance, investment banking, entrepreneurship and management.

Tangent Line

Professionally working towards the growth of your company – with capital and business support


Investment focus

TL invests in companies that develop sound businesses in a B2B model (hard technology-based companies) aligned with our coinvestors’ interests:

Fundamentally high-tech sectors:


automation, new processes and products

New materials

chemistry, energy

Hard technology

electronics, robotics

Life sciences

food, biotech, medtech, environemental tech

Software & IT Solutions

cybersec, industry digitalization


Waste and Recycling

TL’s start-ups work in fields from biotechnology to software, and from medical technology to industry & automation.

Through investments in a range of industries, TL has access to a variety of growth opportunities.


We design brands, products and services by understanding what customers need

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Feature three 70%

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