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Reliability Solutions

AI-based solution for predictive maintenance.

co-investor: PGNiG Ventures

RealiSol uses data which machines produce all the time (like temperature, vibrations, pressure and others) – which are normally being put to waste. Instead they are being fed to deep learning algorithms so it could learn how the machine should work, what are the symptoms of an upcoming failure, what parameters are alarming and how processes could be optimized. The results are: 30% reduction of maintenance cost, 80% reduction of failures, 25% increase of production profitability.


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Green hydrogen-based recycling technology of rare-earth magnets.

co-investor: Finindus NV

MagREEsource develops new technologies to re-manufacture magnets from recycled powders. A proprietary recycling technology based on a hydrogenation process enables high recovery of the magnetic materials with performances ready for further manufacturing. In this sustainable recycling process, no acids or solvents are required. By doing so it helps reducing waste and effluents coming from Rare Earths Magnets mining and also to meet the growing demands for Rare Earth Magnets