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Reliability Solutions

AI-based solution for predictive maintenance.

co-investor: Orlen VC

RealiSol uses data which machines produce all the time (like temperature, vibrations, pressure and others) – which are normally being put to waste. Instead they are being fed to deep learning algorithms so it could learn how the machine should work, what are the symptoms of an upcoming failure, what parameters are alarming and how processes could be optimized. The results are: 30% reduction of maintenance cost, 80% reduction of failures, 25% increase of production profitability.


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Green hydrogen-based recycling technology of rare-earth magnets.

co-investor: Finindus NV

MagREEsource develops new technologies to re-manufacture magnets from recycled powders. A proprietary recycling technology based on a hydrogenation process enables high recovery of the magnetic materials with performances ready for further manufacturing. In this sustainable recycling process, no acids or solvents are required. By doing so it helps reducing waste and effluents coming from Rare Earths Magnets mining and also to meet the growing demands for Rare Earth Magnets


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Vibrant community-based sustainable cleaning solutions

co-investor: Business angels

CleanGang is a company rooted in shared values of self-care, environmental protection, innovative thinking, and appreciation of the classics. What sets CleanGang apart is not only the sustainable and effective products it offers but also its focus on the community. These are not just cleaning products – these are tools that make everyday life easier, showcase exclusive designs and fragrances, and come at an unbeatable price/performance ratio. The core of CleanGang’s approach is to serve the present and future needs of its community while protecting the environment and bringing people together.
Through their dynamic blend of green solutions, exciting designs, community engagement, and strategic digital sales approach, CleanGang sets a new standard for sustainability and responsible living in the home care sector. Seizing the opportunities in the growing trend of e-commerce and omni-channel sales, CleanGang also provides a clear path to profitability.


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ProBusiness Solutions

PBS IT assists companies in making the best decisions by providing them with tools for measuring exposition activity in the offline world at online speeds. It offers fast data collection, the calculation of KPIs, and their presentation in an accessible and comprehensible manner.

Key Performance Indicators are calculated practically in the blink of an eye thanks to advanced image and video recognition technology that harnesses artificial intelligence and augmented reality. The goal is to equip companies with tools and information that enable them to effectively steer their strategy and achieve success in a competitive market.

With PBS IT solutions, you can make business decisions with complete confidence, knowing that they are based on accurate and up-to-date data.


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A frontrunner in ESG

Co-investor: BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A

Envirly is a technology company that provides an innovative SaaS solution that supports organizations in ESG and carbon footprint management, offering support in compliance and reporting on sustainability and carbon footprint. Envirly is a response to upcoming regulations such as the CSRD Directive, CSDD, CBAM, SFRD, and Taxonomy. The platform enables the aggregation of non-financial data and automation of reporting, supporting entrepreneurs in decarbonization and green transformation.


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Reusable e-commerce packaging

Co-investor: Collateral Good Ventures

RE-ZIP uses packaging and bags with a patented method of folding to the size of an envelope to ultimately replace ordinary cardboard packaging and plastic bags in the spirit of sustainable development of the e-commerce market. By using the same packaging before recycling it, you can save up to 87% CO2 compared to the best recycled disposable packaging – this is the solution implemented by RE-ZIP. The RE-ZIP project on the Polish market is being developed together with InPost under the EkoBox brand


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MIM Fertility

AI products that revolutionise the reproductive medicine sector

Co-investor: Peleton ASI sp. z o.o.

MIM Fertility specializes in providing predictive and recommendation systems that analyze images and videos. The company has focused on developing AI-powered software platforms such as EMBRYOAID and FOLLISCAN.

The goal of MIM Fertility is to enable every couple struggling with fertility problems to fulfill their dream of parenthood thanks to AI solutions. Therefore, the company combined the most advanced machine learning technologies, imaging solutions and data mining algorithms with clinical knowledge in the field of reproductive medicine. Their goal is to enable doctors and patients to make well-informed decisions about infertility treatment.